Program Title Date Event Type
Science Fiction: Catalyst for Reality 05/20/2015 Innovation Forum
Meet the Angels 04/2/2015 Venture Lab
The Future of Food 03/18/2015 Innovation Forum
Biotech Collaborations 02/25/2015 Innovation Forum
Our Living City 01/28/2015 Innovation Forum
How Much Is Your Startup Worth? 01/15/2015 Venture Lab


Program Title Date Event Type
Accelerators and Incubators 11/5/2014 Venture Lab
Vehicle Automation: Challenge and Opportunities 10/29/2014 Innovation Forum
Mix, Mingle, Network, Enjoy! 10/9/2014 Mix & Mingle
Venture Lab War Stories - From Bootstrap to Acquisition 06/5/2014 Venture Lab
DEMO 2014 05/22/2014 DEMO
Big Data, Small Things, Predictive Analytics 05/14/2014 Innovation Forum
Meet the Angels 04/3/2014 Venture Lab
The Augmented Self 03/19/2014 Innovation Forum
The Hunt for Talent 02/6/2014 Venture Lab
January Mix and Mingle 01/30/2014 Mix & Mingle
From Trinkets to Body Parts: 3D Printing - Transforming Sci-Fi Fantasy Into Reality 01/15/2014 Innovation Forum


Program Title Date Event Type
Big Bang Energy Disruption 11/19/2013 Innovation Forum
Volunteer Mix and Mingle 11/13/2013 Mix & Mingle
Danger or Opportunity? Impact of New SEC Rules for Funding Solicitation 10/3/2013 Venture Lab
Space: Are We There Yet? 09/16/2013 Innovation Forum
Venture Lab: Accelerators and Incubators – Navigating the Landscape 06/6/2013 Venture Lab
NW Spring 2013 DEMO 05/2/2013 DEMO
Platform Wars: The Coming Tech Wreck in Seattle? 04/15/2013 Innovation Forum
Meet the Angels 03/7/2013 Venture Lab
Mix & Mingle 01/28/2013 Mix & Mingle
Big Data 01/16/2013 Innovation Forum
Venture Lab: Is Crowdfunding Right for Your Start-up? 01/10/2013 Venture Lab


Program Title Date Event Type
Northwest Startup DEMO - Fall 2012 12/5/2012 DEMO
Obstacles and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in Education 11/13/2012 Innovation Forum
VLab: Successful Seattle Bootstrapped Ventures 11/8/2012 Venture Lab
Mix & Mingle 10/8/2012 Mix & Mingle
Social Media and Democracy 09/24/2012 Innovation Forum
Annual MIT Enterprise Forum Topic Brainstorm / Mix & Mingle 05/23/2012 Mix & Mingle
Energy Storage for the Grid: Watchful Waiting or the Perfect Storm? 05/8/2012 Innovation Forum
Creating a Successful Business Plan for Your Start-up 04/5/2012 Venture Lab
Northwest Startup DEMO - Spring 2012 04/3/2012 DEMO
Mix & Mingle 03/26/2012 Mix & Mingle
Health IT: Innovation and Opportunity in a Changing Market 03/14/2012 Innovation Forum
Meet the Angels 03/1/2012 Venture Lab
Isilon Systems: The Journey from Inception to Success 02/9/2012 Venture Lab
(Rescheduled) Mix & Mingle 01/30/2012 Mix & Mingle
Venture and Acquisition Funding: It’s a New Game! 01/25/2012 Innovation Forum


Program Title Date Event Type
Northwest Startup DEMO - Fall 2011 12/1/2011 DEMO
Cloud by Example: Exploring the Business Case for Cloud Computing 11/16/2011 Innovation Forum
Presentation by Swype 11/3/2011 Venture Lab
Pitch, Don’t Spin: How to Create Buzz Around your Start-up 10/13/2011 Venture Lab
The NEXT Mobile Revolution: Near-field Communications (NFC) 09/28/2011 Innovation Forum
MITEF NW MIX & MINGLE 09/15/2011 Mix & Mingle
2011 / 2012 Season: MIT Enterprise Forum Topic Brainstorm 05/19/2011 Mix & Mingle
Northwest Startup DEMO - Spring 2011 05/12/2011 DEMO
Inception to Acquisition Success Story – InstruMed, Inc 04/7/2011 Venture Lab
MITEF NW MIX & MINGLE 03/21/2011 Mix & Mingle
Smart Cities 101: Massively Connected Objects Give Rise to a Sea of Opportunity (The Internet of Things) 03/16/2011 Innovation Forum
Meet the Angels 03/3/2011 Venture Lab
MIT Global Webcast: Fireside Chat with Mark Cuban 02/16/2011 Global Broadcast
Venture Capital Unplugged 02/3/2011 Venture Lab
JAN 24: MITEF NW MIX ‘N MINGLE 01/24/2011 Mix & Mingle
Boomers, Technology & Health: Consumers Taking Charge! 01/19/2011 Innovation Forum


Program Title Date Event Type
Northwest Startup DEMO - Fall 2010 12/9/2010 DEMO
Tech to Grid: How Technology Entrepreneurs Can Find Opportunities in the Smart Grid Revolution 11/10/2010 Innovation Forum
Incubators and Accelerators: The Launchpads for Your Business Success 11/4/2010 Venture Lab
OCTOBER 18: MITEF NW MIX ‘N MINGLE 10/18/2010 Mix & Mingle
Yes, You Can Build a Profitable Company in Today’s Environment! 10/7/2010 Venture Lab
SEPTEMBER 27: MITEF NW MIX ‘N MINGLE 09/27/2010 Mix & Mingle
Piercing the Clouds: Emerging Opportunities in Cloud Computing 09/22/2010 Innovation Forum
MITEF Keynote Presentation: Jeff Taylor: Visionary, Innovator and Founder of Monster.com 05/27/2010 Innovation Forum
Northwest Startup DEMO - Spring 2010 05/20/2010 DEMO
MIT Enterprise Forum Global Broadcast Program: “The Clean Energy Revolution" 05/17/2010 Global Broadcast
2010/2011 Season Enterprise Forum Programs Brainstorm 05/13/2010 Mix & Mingle
To VC or Not to VC? Growing and Financing Your Company Through Challenging Times 05/12/2010 Innovation Forum
Sustainability for Start-ups: Tips and Tools to Improve Profit and Green Operations 04/29/2010 Venture Lab
MITEF NW Volunteers Mix and Mingle 04/19/2010 Mix & Mingle
The Emergence of the Semantic Web: New Directions in Search and Information Discovery 03/24/2010 Innovation Forum
I made it all the way to IPO, and all I got was a T-shirt! 01/29/2010 Venture Lab
Clean Tech: Will Green Return the Green 01/20/2010 Innovation Forum


Program Title Date Event Type
Northwest Startup DEMO - Fall 2009 12/10/2009 DEMO
Breaking News: How Will The Pieces Be Put Back Together Again? 11/18/2009 Innovation Forum
The Idea: Tips and Tools for Starting a Product Business. 10/15/2009 Venture Lab
MITEF Volunteer and Friends Orientation 09/21/2009 Innovation Forum
The Closer: Tips and Tools on Making the Sale 09/17/2009 Venture Lab
Social Media: Real Business Strategies for Success 09/16/2009 Innovation Forum
Summer Meet-up for Volunteers & Friends of MITEF NW 07/15/2009 Innovation Forum
Global Broadcast Series: Extreme Science and its Entrepreneurial Opportunities 06/8/2009 Global Broadcast
Start-up DEMO Spring 2009 06/4/2009 DEMO
2009 / 2010 MITEF DINNER PROGRAM BRAINSTORM MEETING 05/21/2009 Innovation Forum
Leveraging the Downturn to Find Opportunity 05/20/2009 Innovation Forum
Operating a Start-up in a Downturn 04/2/2009 Venture Lab
Greenomics: Creating Profitable Businesses in a Green and Clean World 03/11/2009 Innovation Forum
Financing a Start-up in a Downturn 03/5/2009 Venture Lab
Planning a Start-up in a Downturn 02/5/2009 Venture Lab
MITEF Technology Forecast: Successful Advertising in 2009 and Beyond 01/14/2009 Innovation Forum


Program Title Date Event Type
Start up Demo Fall 2008 12/4/2008 DEMO
Sustainable Financing 11/12/2008 Innovation Forum
Meet the Angel Organizations 10/2/2008 Venture Lab
Social Entrepreneurship, Growing your business by giving back 09/24/2008 Innovation Forum
Light Bulbs to Dollar Signs: Turning Your Idea into a Profitable Business 09/4/2008 Venture Lab
Innovation to Commercialization: Using Government Funding to Kick Start Your Start-Up - CANCELLED 06/18/2008 Global Broadcast
Startup Demo Spring 2008 06/5/2008 DEMO
The Business of Personal & Public Data 06/4/2008 Innovation Forum
Virtual Worlds - HAS BEEN CANCELED 05/7/2008 Global Broadcast
Ten Steps to Growing Your Business - This Event Has Been Postponed 05/1/2008 Venture Lab
Campaign Technology 2.0: Today's Tools, Tomorrow's Opportunities 04/16/2008 Innovation Forum
Ten Steps to Going-to-Market 04/3/2008 Venture Lab
Let's Make A Deal! Key factors that Win (or Kill) Mergers and Acquisitions (Thursday) 03/20/2008 Innovation Forum
Ten Steps to Angel Financing 03/6/2008 Venture Lab
Implications of Convergence in the Wireless Industry 02/20/2008 Innovation Forum
Are You Ready For An IPO 02/13/2008 Global Broadcast
Ten Steps to Launching an Early Stage Company 02/7/2008 Venture Lab


Program Title Date Event Type
Start up Demo 2007 12/13/2007 DEMO
Playing Games - Owning the Market through Innovative Strategies 12/5/2007 Innovation Forum
Building a Scalable Business 11/1/2007 Venture Lab
Surfing the Perfect Storm: Opportunities and Challenges in the Emerging Biofuels Industry 10/17/2007 Innovation Forum
Entrepreneurship: Success, Failure, Greatness 10/10/2007 Global Broadcast
Funding Your Business - From Plan to Reality 10/4/2007 Venture Lab
From an Idea to a Business 09/6/2007 Venture Lab
A.B.L.E. Tech 06/20/2007 Global Broadcast
Startup Demo 2007 06/7/2007 DEMO
A Whole New Ball Game: Marketing Successfully In the Web 2.0 World 05/23/2007 Innovation Forum
How To: Get Bought 05/3/2007 Venture Lab
How to Find Great Market Opportunities 04/25/2007 Innovation Forum
How To: Get Customers 04/5/2007 Venture Lab
Funding Strategies: Engaging in the "Adventure" of Venture Capital 03/29/2007 Innovation Forum
How To: Close Your Financing Deal 03/1/2007 Venture Lab
Global Health 02/21/2007 Innovation Forum
Financial Markets: 2007 Outlook 02/8/2007 Global Broadcast
How To: Build a Company 02/1/2007 Venture Lab
TECH EDUCATION: The Future of Digital Learning 01/17/2007 Innovation Forum


Program Title Date Event Type
Who Killed Network Television? 12/13/2006 Innovation Forum
Early Stage Sales & Marketing Methods 12/7/2006 Venture Lab
Sky High: Rising Energy Costs and the Growing Demand for High-Performance Buildings 11/8/2006 Innovation Forum
The Promise of Stem Cells: Separating Hype from Reality 10/26/2006 Global Broadcast
Closing the Deal: Strategies and Terms for Angel and VC Financings 10/15/2006 Venture Lab
Financing: Equity, Debt & Grants 10/12/2006 Venture Lab
Hidden Opportunities, Hidden Risks: The New Emerging World of BRIC - Brazil, Russia, India and China 10/4/2006 Innovation Forum
Global Entrepreneurship 09/28/2006 Global Broadcast
Planning Your Technology Business 09/14/2006 Venture Lab
Talk to an Angel: Crucial Connections to Early Stage Capital 06/22/2006 Global Broadcast
Planning and Executing an Exit Strategy 06/1/2006 Venture Lab
Making Technology Sales in China: The Real Story Behind the Great Wall 05/17/2006 Innovation Forum
Going Global (Customers & Team) 05/4/2006 Venture Lab
Biotech -- SPECIAL LOCATION 04/19/2006 Innovation Forum
Pricing, Marketing & Sales 04/6/2006 Venture Lab
The New World of Buying and Selling Real Estate 03/15/2006 Innovation Forum
An Introduction to Angel Organizations 03/9/2006 Venture Lab
Motoring with Mammoths: Entrepreneurship, Green Energy, and Transportation 02/15/2006 Innovation Forum
Planning Your Business 02/2/2006 Venture Lab
Forecasting Markets: The Capital Update for 2006 01/26/2006 Global Broadcast
Wireless Maximus:Broad Band, Flat World, New Society 01/11/2006 Innovation Forum


Program Title Date Event Type
The Search Revolution: A Meeting of The Minds 12/7/2005 Innovation Forum
Angel Financing: Plan, Present and Negotiate 12/1/2005 Venture Lab
An Angel's Perspective: Early Stage Structure and Financing 11/3/2005 Venture Lab
Two Degrees of Separation - How Social Network Technology is Connecting Us for Money, Jobs, and Love 10/19/2005 Innovation Forum
Successful Funding Strategies 10/6/2005 Venture Lab
Using Science to Drive Commercial Innovation: The Power of Revolutionary Thinking 09/28/2005 Global Broadcast
Upsidedown Thinking: Elwood G. Norris - Keynote Speaker 09/21/2005 Innovation Forum
Essential Elements of a Successful Business and the Plan 09/1/2005 Venture Lab
Developing an Effective Go-To-Market Strategy 06/9/2005 Venture Lab
Angel Groups in Action: Funding Early Stage Innovation 06/1/2005 Global Broadcast
Name that Tune: What to Expect in The Digital Music Future 05/18/2005 Innovation Forum
Partnerships and Alliances 05/5/2005 Venture Lab
Games: Who Wants To Play 04/20/2005 Innovation Forum
Funding From Angels 04/7/2005 Venture Lab
VoIP and Beyond: Ultimate Convergence Play Opportunities 03/16/2005 Innovation Forum
Building A Winning Team 03/10/2005 Venture Lab
Open Source: Reaping Rewards, Avoiding Catastrophe 02/16/2005 Innovation Forum
Planning and Building a Valuable Business 02/3/2005 Venture Lab
Forecasting Markets: The Capital Update for 2005 01/25/2005 Global Broadcast
Harnessing the Expertise: How to Best Utilize Your Board of Directors 01/12/2005 Innovation Forum


Program Title Date Event Type
Biotech Forum: Lee Hartwell Keynote Speaker 12/15/2004 Innovation Forum
Sales: Strategies & Organization 12/2/2004 Venture Lab
Marketing Strategies for Early Stage Companies 11/11/2004 Venture Lab
Opportunities in the New Energy Economy 10/13/2004 Innovation Forum
Successful Funding Strategies 10/7/2004 Venture Lab
Soldier Tech and National Security 09/23/2004 Global Broadcast
Ann Winblad - Where are VC's Investing? 09/15/2004 Innovation Forum
Essential Elements of Business Planning 09/2/2004 Venture Lab


Program Title Date Event Type
What Private Equity Investors Are Looking For 06/5/2003 Global Broadcast
Make Sure It's Right and Make Sure It Sells 06/4/2003 Venture Lab
Crouching Investor, Hidden Dollar: Creative Financing for Emerging Businesses 05/21/2003 Innovation Forum
Successful Strategies for Attracting Capital 05/1/2003 Venture Lab
Seed Science - Turning Advanced Technology into Profitable Business 04/9/2003 Innovation Forum
Presenting Your Business Plan for Maximum Results 04/3/2003 Venture Lab
Got Sales? - Driving Revenue Today 03/19/2003 Innovation Forum
How To Write an Effective Business Plan 03/6/2003 Venture Lab
Where To Find Investment Dollars in the Northwest in 2003! 02/13/2003 Venture Lab
Ethical Leadership for Competitive Advantage 02/12/2003 Innovation Forum
Solving The Weakest Link: Sales 01/23/2003 Global Broadcast
Web Services: Promise or Pitfall? 01/15/2003 Innovation Forum


Program Title Date Event Type
Make Sure It's Right and Make Sure It Sells 12/12/2002 Venture Lab
The Impact of Mission Critical Decisions 12/4/2002 Innovation Forum
Successful Strategies for Attracting Capital 11/7/2002 Venture Lab
Guy Kawasaki Presents: Then & Now - Doing Business in the <i>New</i> New Economy 10/16/2002 Innovation Forum
Presenting Your Business Plan for Maximum Results 10/3/2002 Venture Lab
Emerge, Converge or Diverge: How New Technologies Become a Business 09/18/2002 Innovation Forum
Entrepreneurship in a Global Economy 09/18/2002 Global Broadcast
How to Write an Effective Business Plan 09/5/2002 Venture Lab
Dancing With the Bear: Business, Government & Politics 04/17/2002 Innovation Forum
Wireless Solutions for the Mobile Workforce: Sip and Slurp - Do Coffee & Wireless Data Mix? 03/6/2002 Innovation Forum
First Mover Advantage - Business Basic or Trendy Term? 02/13/2002 Innovation Forum
Mega-Trends 01/16/2002 Innovation Forum


Program Title Date Event Type
The CEO 12/5/2001 Innovation Forum
Strategic Alliances 10/17/2001 Innovation Forum
Emerge, Converge or Diverge - How New Technologies Become a Business 09/19/2001 Innovation Forum
Managing a Startup in Turbulent Times 06/6/2001 Global Broadcast
When the Shift Hits the Plan 05/16/2001 Innovation Forum
Early Stage Financing: Pass the Bread Please! 04/18/2001 Innovation Forum
Tales from the Crypt: Board & CEO Interaction 03/14/2001 Innovation Forum
Application Service Providers: What Does the Future Hold? 02/21/2001 Innovation Forum
Valuation: Whats My Company Really Worth? 01/18/2001 Global Broadcast
Gaining Altitude: Sales and Marketing Beyond Take-Off 01/17/2001 Innovation Forum


Program Title Date Event Type
Location, Location, Location -- Wireless and Location-Based Services: Will the Two Ever Meet? 11/29/2000 Innovation Forum
Building a Sticky Company: Strategies for Retaining Your Most Valuable Assets 10/18/2000 Innovation Forum
Kenan Systems: Becoming a $Billion Software Company and Managing Its Future 10/5/2000 Global Broadcast
Navigating Uncharted Waters: Avoiding Unseen Risks in the Internet Economy 09/13/2000 Innovation Forum
Late Stage Financing: Maximizing Value 05/17/2000 Innovation Forum
International e-commerce: New Dynamics for Global Trade 04/19/2000 Innovation Forum