NW Startup Demo Spotlight: Exo-Labs – Inspiring The Next Generation of Scientists

Accomplished engineers Michael Baum and Jeff Stewart started Exo-Labs with the goal to improve science education. I recently spoke with George Cawman, VP of Sales and Marketing, to learn more about the company and their Focus Microscope Camera.

Cawman talked about the company’s focus on the classroom microscope experience. Today, when teachers ask students to observe a specimen under the microscope, they can’t be certain that they are observing precisely what they were asked to look at. To address this issue, they ask students to sketch what they see, which takes time away from actual learning. 

Exo-Labs makes it possible for teachers to have shared experiences with their students. With the Exo-Labs Focus Microscope Camera attached to the traditional microscope, a specimen can be seen in high resolution on the iPad. Students can also take pictures and video, annotate on the screen and mark areas of the image with pins. Exo-Labs has been working with educators and institutions to gather feedback on their device and are looking forward to making their Focus Microscope Camera available in early 2013.

Their mission is to help teachers ignite curiosity and their approach is less about creating a device than about becoming a contributing member of the education community. “We have done a lot of listening to teachers and students,” Cawman explains. He believes this is the best way to make lasting connections with the education community.

Exo-Labs is looking forward to the opportunity to demonstrate their Focus Microscope Camera at the upcoming and show judges and attendees how it will help inspire the next generation of scientists.


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Wed, 12/05/2012 - 5:30pm - 8:30pm
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