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Welcome to the MIT Enterprise Forum

About MIT Enterprise Forum Northwest

We believe technology can solve big problems and do powerful things. And we share a passion for making a difference in the world through technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

We’re an all-volunteer nonprofit organization—part of a network of 28 worldwide chapters of MIT Enterprise Forum. We’re managed by Technology Review, an independent media company owned by MIT. The MIT and Technology Review brands offer us an exclusive opportunity to tap into an extensive global network of technology resources.

An active chapter since 1981, we’re on the web at mitefnorthwest.org.


Volunteer Opportunities

We're run by committed volunteers. That means we typically have many opportunities for people who'd like to help us create and market great educational content and programming, including our Innovation Forums and Venture Labs.

If you're passionate about entrepreneurship or cool and disruptive technologies, consider joining us. You’ll develop your network in Seattle’s entrepreneurial community, enhance your technical knowledge, learn about the latest business concepts—and generally have a blast doing it.

To learn more or to volunteer, click here.


Partnership or Sponsorship Opportunities

For partnership or sponsorship opportunities, contact Jimmy Jia.

Recent Blog Posts


Once upon a time, I took this unconventional class called The History of the Future. It was a history class that studied historical social and political issues through the lens of science fiction.

The premise of the class was that science fiction writers take contemporary issues and technologies and then project them into the future with both utopia and dystopia outcomes.