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The MIT Venture Lab is designed to streamline the entrepreneur’s path to success by providing the information necessary to plan, finance and operate a profitable venture in today’s business environment.

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Venture Capital in Seattle


You've heard it before. Seattle entrepreneurs want more Series A and Series B funding while investors just want more great, fundable companies. So, are we short on funds around here, or short on fundable companies?

What’s really up with venture capital in Seattle?

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Startup Resources

No one does it alone.

Even successful serial entrepreneurs rely on others for collaboration, advice, funding, complementary skills, and any of a million other things that go into launching a  startup. Fortunately, whether you're a startup rookie or an experienced entrepreneur, Seattle has a wide variety of programs intended to help you get your new venture off the ground. 

But where do you start?

We've brought together a group of experts from independent, corporate and government programs to discuss the startups they target and what it takes to join their programs.